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Energy Rant is a Michaels Energy blog.  This is a place where people can meet to rant about certain energy-related topics, and rave about others.  The posts to this blog are opinions and we hope that they generate interest, ideas and discussions among our readers.

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2 05 2011


While I am a retired engineer (chemical), I do not regard myself expert in the issues regarding energy supply/utilization and myriad programs aimed at “solving the energy crisis”. However, I have an opinion that I would like to express here. My approach is simplistic. Namely, use what we have most abundantly, domestically, and most highly developed technologically. To me that is coal. I know environmentalists will scream, but “clean coal” is technologically available notwithstanding the TV ads to the contrary. Carbon capture and sequestering is a demonstrated feasible technology. Moreover, it is already the fuel of choice in the vast majority of power plants. Extending its processing to include conversion to liquids for transportation fuels is completely doable. The reserves in the ground will take care of us for as much as 100 years while in that time a truly economical solar alternative can be developed and implemented. My feeling is that all the alternatives to coal, while having some merit, are all sub-optimal at this time. By not doing what the NRC recommended more than 30 years ago, i.e. convert to a coal based energy economy in place of crude oil, we continue to waste our economic advantages on imported oil, and undermine the position of the USA as the pre-emminent world economy.

Please tell me where I am wrong in this analysis.

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